The Beauty All Around Us

Over the years, I have attended quite a few services in different churches where the focus has been on taking care of God’s creation and looking after Planet Earth.

All very laudable and an excellent objective.

However, I began to notice that during these services, when it came to choosing and singing hymns relating to Planet Earth, the choice was very limited. I began to get rather tired of singing “How Great Thou Art” or “All Things Bright and Beautiful.”

What’s more, none of these hymns actually addressed current issues of climate change and the need to do something.

So I sat down and wrote one

Since then, my hymn has been sung in churches all over the world including Belgium, Finland, Germany, Sweden, UK, United States, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia.

It’s been sung in Protestant and Catholic churches: Anglicans, Pentecostals, Baptists, Lutherans, Episcopals, Quakers etc.

It even made a surprising appearance in an Earth Service held among Native Americans!

Sometimes they asked to change some of the words (e.g. Father to Mother), which was fine. Sometimes they sang it, recited it like a poem, or even read it like a prayer.

I thought it was time to launch it into the blogosphere. If anyone wants to use it, feel free to. All I ask is that you drop me a line to tell me, and use the ©Denzil Walton mark. Thanks.

The Beauty All Around Us

Tune: Ewing (e.g. Jerusalem the Golden)

The beauty all around us, throughout the universe,

So wonderful in essence, delightfully diverse.

Antarctica to Asia; the jungles of Brazil,

Established by the Father; and all evolving still.


From mountain tops to valleys; in forests and in parks,

We watch the playful squirrels; we hear the joyful larks.

Wild orchids so unusual; bright parakeets so loud,

Rare butterflies so fragile; the tiger standing proud.


Deep mysteries, of oceans and unknown outer space,

Migration paths of swallows, the eagle’s nesting place.

The more we gain in knowledge, the less we understand

This world so rich and complex; this wondrous, sacred land.


But crisis looms upon us; the planet’s under threat,

The global climate’s changing, the balance is upset.

The melting of the ice caps; diversity declines,

Extinction of key species; we’re overwhelmed with signs.


So Father please forgive us for spoiling Planet Earth,

Give us a chance to change it; to instigate new birth,

Let’s care for your creation, in details and in whole

Protect, preserve and cherish; may this be our new goal.

© Denzil Walton


Confronting the White Christian Vote for Trump by Gina Messina

Since the US election result, I have been unable to get my head around the fact that so many white Christians voted for Donald Trump; a man whose public declarations of hate, injustice, racism, misogyny and other hurtful comments are so radically opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So I was enlightened and encouraged to read this article, which links to a letter written by a group of Christians who lay down some positive actions to take to “move forward together into the kind of future that God desires, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, whatever their race, religion, gender, or national origin.”

Confronting the White Christian Vote for Trump by Gina Messina

(Re)discovering Marcus Borg

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