Guest Blog Post: “Walking in the Forest is Good for My Soul,” in Denzil Walton’s exact words

A couple of weeks ago, Daal asked me to write a guest post for her fascinating blog “Happiness Between Tails.” I’ve reblogged it on my own site.

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

When I happened upon Belgian blogger Denzil’s lovely site, I could hardly believe it — I was the first to comment there! Yes, it is new, but it so beautifully filled with joy and heart that I doubt it will remain a secret for long…

A lush forest road Photo by Denzil Walton

I know that walking in my local forest is good for my body. It’s good for my heart – it gets the blood flowing. It’s good for my lungs – it gets the air circulating. It’s good for my muscles – it tones them up.

But good for the soul?

Surely, to refresh my spirit I should head towards my local church or cathedral, not to my local forest?

autumn view of tree lined lake Photo by Denzil Walton

Don’t get me wrong: if you like to visit a magnificent cathedral to get a spiritual lift, that’s fine. You might be enthralled by the architecture and the…

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Ah Sweet Mystery of Life

We live in a world of abundant knowledge. And if there’s something we don’t know, we can simply run a question through Google and we will find someone somewhere who has an answer – even if it isn’t the correct one. But sometimes, when I am walking in nature, I will come face to face with an experience that makes me realize that we don’t know everything; that much of life is still a mystery.

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