About me

I am a 50-something British freelance technical copywriter based near Leuven, Belgium, where I have lived and worked for the past 30 years. I am married to the wonderful Liz, a clarinet teacher, and we have four grown children and one grandson.

My main blog is Discovering Belgium, where I describe my experiences walking and cycling in Belgium. As a keen amateur naturalist I like being in nature and photographing it, and I also write a bit about the history and culture of this fine country.

Here at Life Sentences I blog on broader topics and indulge myself with a bit more creativity. The main subjects relate to nature and spirituality, where I try to be positive and life-affirming. You’ll also find some book reviews, and the occasional biographical story.

I hope you enjoy reading either this or Discovering Belgium, or hopefully both!

As always, I love getting your comments.

Denzil Walton