Goodbye Life Sentences. Hello “TheBookOwl”

When I started Life Sentences almost exactly a year ago, I knew I wanted to use it to be creative somehow with something, but I wasn’t quite sure what.

So I wrote all kinds of posts: experiences, observations, opinions, book reviews … I covered various environmental, historical and social issues. I tried my hand at Haiku. I entered photo challenges.

But after a year I have realized that what I like doing most is book reviews.

So today marks the beginning of the end for Life Sentences, and the launch of my new book review blog: TheBookOwl.

I thank you all for your encouraging feedback, comments and support on Life Sentences, and hope you will subscribe to TheBookOwl, where I look forward to greeting and meeting you, and enjoying your comments.


  1. Ooo, sorry I’m just catching up with your now, Denzil. I’ve enjoyed following ‘Life Sentences’, but it’s great when you discover something in particular that you enjoy more than anything else. I look forward to discovering lots of new books at ‘The Book Owl’. 🙂

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