Wordless Wednesday: First Aid for Bikes

First aid for bikes

If your bike gets a puncture while on a country cycle ride, this is a very useful vending machine to discover! I spotted it outside the Gempemolen café, Gempstraat 56,  Sint-Joris-Winge in Belgium. For 6 EUR you can purchase a new inner tube: six sizes are available.


  1. This tickles my imagination…imagine (!) bike parts vending machines scattered across the bike trails…

    However, one could posit that’s just the beginning of marketing ‘pollution’ of our open spaces! 😉

    Hope there’s one there for you whenever you’re in need, because let’s admit it, fixing a flat during a ride is the pits.

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  2. I haven’t ridden anything but a stationary bike in years, but one of my fears when I did ride a real bike was just such an incident. Fortunately, I have yet to face that situation. Nice solution to have. Hope there will be more such vending stops.

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    • Yes that’s always a fear of mine: a puncture in the middle of nowhere, 50 km from home! That’s why I have fitted “puncture-proof” tyres! Yes they do exist, but I am not convinced they are 100% puncture resistant. Still, so far so good!


  3. This could be the start of a new blog or hobby Denzil: spotting odd vending machines. I checked out Schwabe which is a German company with about 100 employees and self-proclaimed world leader in its field.

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    • It’s interesting that you say that Hans because on my walks and cycle rides I do come across vending machines for all sorts of produce: apples, potatoes, strawberries, cheese … and I did think of starting a blog where people provide photos of the vending machines they have come across. It’s one of those “might do in the future” projects.

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