Why read?

There’s a new Blog on the Block: Hans’ Reading Journal, which promises to open up interesting discussions on many book-related topics. His first post is “Why Read?” It’s a good question. He provides some suggestions; I provide mine. What are yours? Why don’t you drop into his blog to give your own suggestions?

Hans De Keulenaer

Hello, I’m Hans, a 53-year old, slightly overweight, self-deprecating, happily married family man with a touch of insomnia and a great fan of anything culture and literature. I know that I should exercise a little more, but that idea is as agreeable to me as reading is to many a more sportive person. For a while, I’ve been resisting  to start a blog about my reading journey. Today let’s give it a try.

When preparing for this blog, my good friend Dusan suggested to write a few paragraphs on the question why we should read? I found this a difficult question. When asking the why-question about sports, food or travel, responses come naturally: health, fun, relations, experiences, etc. Why are these harder to identify for reading?

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