Wordless Wednesday: Abandoned


Masbourg, Belgium, July 2016





  1. I’m not big on gardening, but if given the task, I could see myself pulling and yanking all those weeds and such up out of there. With help, this place could be beautiful again. I love to see people, places, and things thrive. Nothing or no one wants to be abandoned!

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    • You’re right there Jen. You know, this was a strange sight. I believe it was abandoned due to the death of the gardener. The seedbeds were prepared, the tools were all there, the watering can, gardening gloves … everything was present. I think something very unexpected had happened.

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      • Interestingly enough, even though something unexpected happened, and possibly very sad..life goes on as evidenced by the overgrowth of the place. Even here, we are being taught a life lesson. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I’ve found myself wondering how often these small greenhouses gradually turn into glass storage sheds as gardeners lose their enthusiasm for them. On the other hand, think of the possibilities if this one were cleaned out and restored…

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  3. I find myself thinking of the book ‘the secret garden’ – especially reading the comments above with people who are inspired to get in there and nurture these plants again. To my eye, the plants looked green and flourishing and the door was open. So I had a sense of the Gardiner establishing this and the saying ‘my work is done here’ and opening it up for all to come and harvest. Then again, I’m no Gardiner … so I’m pretty sure these plants would need the conditions to be cared for if they were going to keep flourishing. What fun to ponder. Thanks for sharing it.

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    • Hi Naomi, thanks for stopping by. Since you visited the page, as the photo seems to be creating a bit of interest, I’ve added two more photos. They emphasize the notion of the place being suddenly abandoned, maybe due to a tragic event. But I agree; it’s certainly interesting to ponder!

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