Would you like to see something no-one has ever seen before?

We all want to see something unique; that no-one has ever seen before. It may be easier than we think.

A while ago I was out walking in the countryside, and to take a breather I rested on a gate overlooking a meadow. There was nothing special about the meadow. Just an ordinary field surrounded by ordinary hedges. There were no animals in it. No crops were growing in it. There was no sign of human activity. The meadow looked as if it had lain fallow for a number of years. It was full of various wild flowers: buttercups, thistles, dandelions etc.

But then I had an idea.

I climbed over the gate and walked into the middle of the meadow.

And I looked down at my feet.

At a solitary daisy.

And I thought: I am the first person to see this daisy. No-one else has ever seen it. No-one else will. I am likely to be the only person to see this daisy. I am seeing something unique.

OK, there is nothing unique about a daisy. But there is about how I am seeing it.

The point I am making is that this universe is full of unique things to see and experience. If you become aware of what you are looking at.

No-one else will see that sunrise or sunset in exactly the same way as you do, framed by those trees or city roofs.

No-one else will see that exact combination of clouds passing in front of the moon and stars.

No-one else will see that baby’s smile when you lean into the cot.

No-one else will see the love in your partner’s face when you surprise him or her with a gift.

Have a unique day.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback ...

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